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Online End-Of-Year reflection workshop

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Last week we organized an online reflection workshop where we brought a few professionals together to reflect & plan for the upcoming year! The exercise is one that sparks inspiration and sets you up to think and feel more about what you want to achieve, personally & professionally.

The 3 Reflection Exercises

During the session, participants had the opportunity to interact with each other and exchange ideas, thoughts and even contacts.

There we 3 reflection exercises that we introduced in the short hour, with the suggestion to pick up the exercises by yourself to reflect deeper and elaborate on.

1. The More & Less: Because more is more and less is less!

This exercise prompts you to think about who you want to be contrary to the doing culture which takes over in our daily lives. Thinking about what you want more of and what less of, really makes you look at what is important to you, and who you are. Starting with an association exercise is also a great way to open up creative thinking and brainstorm by intuitive intelligence.

2. The Start-Stop-Continue framework

Being well known in corporate teams, this exercise can be quite beneficial when applied to our lives in general, and to formulating specific actions to do.

Evaluating, being decisive, but also imagining new actions to take in order to make more or less happen :)

3. CLEVER Goals

Smart goals sound quite impersonal for most of us. We associate them with often overbearing KPI's, and dreadful metrics. For this reason, I have found it more fulfilling to come up with my own way of creating goals, that is clever first and smart later :)

I guess you could say, the CLEVER framework helps you to pick the right goals, while the SMART framework helps you to achieve the goals right.

Here's a few of the reactions we got:

Our CLEVER Goals framework especially was a success:

And the incorporation of our expeience enhancing tools was also greatly appreciated :)

Head out to our Free Resources to download the free templates we used in this workshop and do the exercises yourself!

Do you need facilitation in your work/career ? Would you like to organize a workshop like this for your team? Get in touch today!

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