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Matching talent
that works.

We recruit, train and coach exceptional knowledge workers, for companies of the future.

What we do

We work with companies to help people do their best work. Together, we define the work that needs to be done, and recruit the person who will do the work. We are recruiters, head hunters, consultants and marketing service providers. 

What Is a Knowledge Worker?

“A knowledge worker, or knowledge professional, is a highly intelligent person who primarily uses their expertise and thinking ability to complete their work . Knowledge professionals typically build their expertise through formal education and have a high level of creativity, innovation and productivity.” - Indeed

Why we do it

Talent search

Hey entrepreneur, human resources manager, and hiring professional: 

The problem:

You are painfully aware that without people, there is no company. And you know that exceptional humans make successful companies. 

But looking for the right candidates can be a hazardous process. You and your team can spend months searching, interviewing and undergoing a painful diligence process only to lose that perfect candidate to your competitor, or after just a few months of hiring.

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Why work with us

Traditional Process

  • Long time to job publication and building response

  • ‘Same old’ talent pool & channels

  • Long assessments

  • Long interview process

  • 3 to 6 months hiring time

  • Stuck with the wrong candidate


  • Fast-track head hunting through our channels

  • Connecting with a broad network, and personal approach

  • Quick assessment and reference checks

  • Pre-screened interviews

  • Hire in weeks

  • Flexible solutions through contingent workforce


Don’t have a job description yet? 

Fill in the form, and we’ll create one for you for free.

Very often, recruiters miss out on great candidates with boring, and non-inspiring job descriptions. 

Let us help you generate an inspiring, appealing description to attract the right candidates and stimulate candidate's imagination & enthusiasm.


Companies we've helped

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We work fast and keep it simple.

We listen, plan, get to work, deliver, evaluate and support, not necessarily in that order. 

  • We listen
    The first step is an intake interview with you or your hiring manager to understand your needs, define the work and the goal.
  • We plan time & budget
    We formulate a competitive flexible offer tailored to you. We work with the principle "No cure no pay". There are however ways to get our full dedication on certain profiles. In addition, you can particiate in our "Talent Sponsorship" program, where companies "Pay-forward" to train candidates with us. For more info reach out to us at
  • We get to work
    We do a focused one to three weeks intensive search & screening, while keeping you on a close loop. We always convert thorough screening of the candidates before introducing them to you. We ideate, strategize and carry out employer branding campaigns, recruiting events, and activations through our partnerships with schools and universities.
  • We deliver
    Real time candidate introduction, frequent check-ins, interview planning, ...
  • We evaluate
    We evaluate often and at different stages, exchange feedback with you and candidates. We like to maintain a long term relationship with our clients and candidates.
  • We support
    We support the negotiation and preparation for you, while guiding the candidates for a smooth onboarding. We look for the best match in skills, but also in culture and values.

We like

  • Invest in people

  • Like to take a bet on good talent

  • Care about personal development

  • Let people make the company work

We don’t like companies that:

  • Think in boxes/rigid job descriptions/command-and-control

  • Judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree

  • Like to do things “the way we’ve always done things” 

Know a company like this? Introduce us and we’ll come give a state-of-the-art Life-Workshop in your company for free.

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