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About us

Ermelinda Hajdari


Era is a marketing professional, freelance agent, activist, speaker and coach. She's a jack of all trades and finds fulfillment when seeing materialized potential, and people thrive. She moved to Belgium when she was 16 years old, where she has founded AngLe Agency (2019) and Work AngLe where she works on talent.

Era has extended experience in different sectors and has worked for start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, corporations, NGO's, etc. She helps companies with their flexible talent needs and coaches professionals to design their work-lifestyle.


Era loves talking about leveraging differences, developing talents, boosting self-agency, and free-work lifestyle. In companies, Era talks about new ways of working, talent management, change, storytelling & new business strategy.

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The demand for digitally skilful workers is ever-rising, while the speed of "learning" among the workforce is relatively low. More needs to be done on the talent supply side to train and activate people to generate more and better business.

Add to this the necessity for companies to effectively use their human resources budgets to retain talent and leverage human happiness at work for better overall culture and ultimately performance.

The culture of work has changed dramatically with the pandemic, as well as the individual experience for professional workers in Belgium. Employees have different requirements when it comes to their chosen job. They have a newly gained agency for their own professional path.

Creating the structures for these kinds of opportunities is what companies need to accommodate these changes.​ AngLe Agency operates on these grounds and aims to contribute to better work for everyone. 


Our Values

  • We love diverse work, for equally great talent

  • What we love more than work, is working together

  • We make work work for people

  • We aspire to inspire great work

  • We are proud of our work

Upcoming Events

  • How to set up your career for a successful 2023!
    How to set up your career for a successful 2023!
    Do., 15. Dez.
    15. Dez. 2022, 16:00 – 16. Dez. 2022, 17:00
    15. Dez. 2022, 16:00 – 16. Dez. 2022, 17:00
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