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Recruiting Gen Z: 6 strategies for employers

Recruiting Gen Z is a different game than recruiting millennials. They are more digital and mobile, with a much more diverse background that you may not be accustomed to meeting at work. Learn the strategies that successful companies use to recruit Gen Z talent into their workforce.

Who is Gen Z?

Gen Z’ers are people born between the 1990s and early 2000s. They are the newest generation entering the workforce and soon will surpass Millennials. The future of work depends on Gen Z, and as digital natives, they are already shaping many trends on the work market.

It is believed that Gen Z is the most diverse global generation, meaning that Gen Z has little difference between different countries.

They grew up in the aftermath of the Great Recession, and the more older Gen Z’ers even just had to deal with COVID-19 which impacted especially their age group when it came to lay-offs. These might be the reasons why worldwide, salary is one of the deciding factors when it comes to choosing a job. They value therefore not per se job security, but rather company security. This means that they need to hear how stable your company is.

Gen Z also deeply cares about doing good and expects their employers to help them be good global citizens. Companies must show their commitment to social responsibility like sustainability, climate change, diversity, etc.

Why should you care?

By 2025, Gen Z will make up 27% of the workforce in OECD countries.

This new generation has higher expectations from the workplace, and companies than ever seen before. They prioritize flexible working arrangements, shared values, higher pay, and increased support for mental health.

Actions to take to attract and retain Gen Z candidates

1. Make it easy, make it mobile

Lots of companies unfortunately still use long application forms, and hiring processes. A vast majority of applications therefore never even get completed. Here’s how you avoid that.

Make sure your form is clear, short, and convertible from the very first step. Keep in mind that Gen Z, but not only, will see your job posting on their mobile, and will want to apply from their phone. Using the Typeform principles, asking for little information per screen view will increase the chances of already getting the most important information; their name and email.

Once they fill in their name & email address, make sure you save this information in your application system. This way, even if for some reason the application gets interrupted, you will be able to re-contact them. Here’s one automatic message you can send to applicants that leave the application before completing it:

“Hey there [first name],

We saw that you started your application for [insert job title]. We think you might be a great fit for our company. Make sure to pick up where you left off through this link ___ .”

The reason why this is effective is that it makes clear that the work already done hasn’t gone wasted, and they can easily complete the process. The same reasoning applies to the rest of your hiring process. Gen Z and this goes for Millenials too, won’t put up with your long cognitive tests, multiple interviews, etc.

2. Get a Z- job description

Good job descriptions are especially important for Gen Z. They come across many job opportunities, and they are used to screening through. That’s why your first paragraph is critical when they’re your target candidates.

Make the first paragraph of your job description a good summary of the job to make it appealing. You can put in the factors that are most important, who you are as an employer, flexibility options, and growth opportunities. Show authenticity, humanism, and the values of the company.

Need help with writing appealing job descriptions? Fill in our job description request form and we’ll create one for free!

3. Personalize

We’re not only talking about putting their name on automatic, emails, or on submission confirmations. We’re talking about asking real questions about what they care about, what they like to eat, and where they like to work. And incorporate these into their daily routine, for example by asking about their favorite food during the interview, and delivering lunch on their first day.

Recruiters are noticing more and more people applying for jobs, accepting a job offer then ghosting. Especially, as mentioned above, if these processes last for weeks, even months sometimes. The effort you need to put into finding a new candidate is bigger than good follow-up with the candidate. Find out why, and follow up with the candidate to understand better. Gen Z values personal contact, so make it human.

Gen Z likes reminders; if you schedule an interview, appointment, or have an event, sending reminders, or following up, especially via text is very important.

4. Flexibility is key

Having experienced the rise of home-working with the break of the pandemic in their entering years, it is no surprise Gen Z values flexibility. This is true also when it comes to where they can ‘find’ you online. Being on different platforms (Instagram, TikTok, etc.), and using different ways of communication (email, video, text messages) is effective when reaching and engaging them.

Gen Z likes to work self-paced, independently, and in their environment of choice. Even if home-working is not possible for your industry, you need to find ways to increase the sense of flexibility for your newest workforce. Instead for example speaking about week-hours, you can give flexibility during day hours, giving Gen Z freedom to choose their daily hours.

Another way to offer more flexibility would be to make it easy to switch jobs and responsibilities inside the company, work with various teams on various projects, and be able to follow different trainings to acquire new skills.

5. Wellbeing & mental health

Nearly half (46%) say they are stressed or anxious all or most of the time, with women more severely impacted than men.

Well-being & mental health is not a stigma for this Generation, so they value when their employer integrates well-being initiatives into the workplace that show they are valued and cared for.

6. Growth opportunities

Gen Z is looking for those growth opportunities. They are not necessarily loyal, and will often put their values before their salary. It is crucial for them to feel like they are progressing in their careers.

This doesn’t always have to mean financial promotions, but creating programs and plans that are personalized to their career goals, will give them the fulfillment they need.

Giving positive feedback on their successes, and recognizing their accomplishments, will also get you a long way. You could send something like this to show appreciation for your Gen Z employee:

“Hey [first name],

Great job this week on [_]. Thank you for your efforts on X project.”

As simple as that.


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