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Available internship: Digital Project Assistant - Join us!

We are growing, and looking for someone who like'd to grow along!

AngLe Agency is a dynamic new agency, the brainchild of project agent and marketing consultant Ermelinda Hajdari, aka Era.

AngLe Agency is not your typical agency. We help our customers bridge their challenges in this digital world. We spot opportunities that re-enforce our customers' brand, product or market positioning and enable our customers to capitalize on new technologies and novel marketing approaches.

We promote learning, growing, and re-inventing in organizations, and we do that by leveraging online tools, optimizing communication channels, and executing on clients’ needs. In other words, - we work on dedicated projects in a dedicated manner.

Apply if:

  • You’re acquainted with many marketing techniques

  • Or specialized in a few (Design or SEO or Social Media or ... )

  • Are looking to apply your digital skills for clients

  • Want to learn more on digital projects

  • Have a creative mind and a 'can-do' mentality

  • Are pragmatic and a fast learner

  • Would love to work in a small but dynamic team

  • Are interested in all things digital

  • You have programming skills: extra points!

You will:

  • Work for technology start-ups and scale-ups

  • Be responsible for the agency’s social media

  • Help with day-to-day tasks

  • Learn plenty on the process of delivering digital projects

  • Carry out research on innovative marketing

We’re a small but angLe-sharp agency. We value creativity, action, and resourcefulness above all.

Does this all tickle your brain? Get in touch and let’s have a chat!

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